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Valsteam ADCA Engineering, Portugal  

  • Valsteam ADCA Engineering is one of the biggest world manufacturers of steam equipment and solutions       
  • More then 20 years of presence in Russia with impeccable quality reputation 
  • The widest product lines for steam   
  • Unique and complete line - ADCAPURE for sterile fluids
  • Certified according to ТР ТС 032/2013 «Equipment working under pressure»
  • Production in Russia of separators and steam pump stations under trade-mark АСТА™


  CSA, Italy    


  • CSA – an expert company, specialized in regulating valves for industrial water suppling systems and solutions for dearation from  1987 year
  • The widest range of air valves: up to DN400, water hammer protection, underground models etc.  
  • Unique production technologies and quality control
  • The biggest manufacturers of such equipment in Italy
  • CSA bodies are used for pilot and reducing regulating valves ACTA




  VALVULAS CT, Spain    


  • More then 25 years of production experience of float valves
  • The widest line of floats for different proposes
  • Patented construction of float valves
  • Perfect quality
  • ОЕМ contracts with the leading producers of vessels equipment and valves

  USKON, Turkey   


  • More then 50 years of production experience of solenoid valves
  • More then 10 years of presence in Russia
  • Practically fully automazied production
  • Wide range of valves for specialized medias
  • Production of solenoid valves in Russia under the trade mark ACТА™ ЭСК





RTK, Germany    



  • More then 40 years of production expertise of actuators and industrial regulating valves
  • More then 30 years of successful presence in Russia at oil and energy markets
  • Unique project solutions
  • Wide range of valves up to DN400 mm, PN160 bar
  • First patented technology of digital control of actuators - DAC. Digital Actuator Control



PS Automation, Germany    


  • Family business company
  • More then 20 production experience of simple and reliable actuators
  • Economical solutions with German quality standards
  • Huge experience in Russia with different valves


 ZETKAMA,  Poland     





  • Globe valves with gland packing and with bellow up to DN300 PN16/40 
  • Strainers up to DN400 PN16/40 
  • Check valves up to DN300 PN16/40




ARMAK, Poland  



  • Safety valves from cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel for water, steam, gases, other liquids. Up to DN500 PN100



Адрес: Москва, Огородный проезд, д.20 а, стр. 4
Тел.:8(495) 787-42-84
E-mail: info@a-stm.ru